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Sicilian traditions: bonbonniere

Sicilian traditions: bonbonniere

Typical Sicilian gifts for guests – bonbonniere  – with 3, 5 or 1 (rare) almond candy sweets inside. Besides its common meaning as a thankfulness for the presence of the guests and their gifts this little wedding detail has also other signification: the number of almond sweets (always odd number!) The 5 bring prosperity, happiness, health, fertility and long life, the 3 candies represent the couple and their child and the 1 candy represents the unicity of the event.

At Italian weddings, to the zone for distributing of these gifts (confettata in Italian) is given a special attention: the style of the confettata zone is developed in accordance with the general style and the theme of the wedding. It can be a large table decorated with flowers, candles and fabrics, on which there will be not only gifts for guests, but also vessels with similar sweets of various tastes that guests can taste and even take with them at the end of the banquet. Usually, guests serve themselves in this area, but a waiter may also be present who will help guests in choosing the sweets. Such a wedding detail is a classic for an Italian wedding, and for destination weddings, a confettata can become an elegant stylish detail that will surprises guests, because everyone, in addition to a gift, can carry away a pretty bag with his own sweets of favorite tastes.

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