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Sicily is often perceived by travelers from Europe as a place where you can save money. This is partly a true statement based on the following facts:

1. Sicily is famous for its rich harvests on fertile land, excellent wines, authentic dishes and the most delicious seafood at relatively low prices. This means that a wedding dinner will cost you rather cheaper than in northern Italy or than in Europe. And the quality will be much higher than identical offers in other places or countries. For the Sicilians, food and conformity to the traditions of quality are like a second religion.

2. Some types of wedding services are cheaper than in the mainland or in other countries. For example, a wedding look (hairdresser+make-up) starts from 250 euros from local stylists, many of them also speak English. There are also many English-speaking photographers on the island at affordable prices.

3. Wedding venues rent. The high wedding season on the island is from June to September, at this time the locations are usually overflowing with bookings for weddings, christenings and birthdays, so you should not expect low prices during this period. But the island also lives by tourism, so you can negotiate good rental prices in the off-season from October to April.

A flight to Sicily is profitable if you focus on low-cost air companies such as Ryanair and Easyjet and buy tickets at least 6 months before the date. Do not forget that the island has as many as 4 international airports – in Catania, Palermo, Trapani and Comiso – with a lot of direct flights (3-4 hours) from the UK, Ireland, Germany and other European countries.

Which wedding services in Sicily are unlikely to save money in comparison with other countries:

1. Firstly, these are transfers and NCC (transport rent with a personal driver). Transfers here are expensive, for a half-hour transfer you can pay 80-120 euros (standard transfer price for 2-3 people one way from Catania Airport to Taormina). Transportation taxes are high, gasoline is expensive, demand from the locals is low, and you should not expect low prices from licensed drivers. An alternative would be if guests and the couple could hire a car at the airport or choose a venue in a place where a car is not needed, such as Taormina, Giardini Naxos, or Catania.

2. Rent castles, yachts and luxury venues. In Sicily, everything associated with a luxury lifestyle and with the premium segment has its price, as elsewhere in the world. Simply because the maintenance of such venues costs a lot of money and the demand is also high. Renting a castle with history and expensive interiors will cost several thousand euros for exclusive use. Renting a sailing yacht for a party, for a marriage proposal starts from 950 euros; a motor yacht costs several times more.


often with direct contact, foreigners can receive overpriced offers. I advise you to contact an expert in the region when planning your wedding budget, who will tell you where to find suppliers who will respect your money, and who will help you to plan your budget correctly, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Or you may book a paid consultation and receive not only personalized advice on optimizing your budget but also all the necessary contacts of trusted wedding contractors in Sicily with personal recommendations on how to approach them to get the best prices for services.

My services as a wedding planner in Sicily are usually calculated individually, depending on the type of service required (full or partial planning, etc.), the season, the complexity of an event, the number of days of personal attendance at an event.

Typically, the average cost of full wedding planning is 10% of the budget, but not less than 2000 euros for weddings based on the east coast of Sicily between Catania, Etna and Taormina for 2024 season. For other areas of Sicily the wedding planning fee will be higher due to additional transport costs.

The standard wedding planning fee includes:

1. selection of a venue\church\municipality according to the client’s requirements with a personal site inspection of the best variants.

2. preparation and optimization of the event budget.

3. selection of contractors within the budget, style and client requests.

4. Contracting and translations.

5. event timing and its coordination with contractors.

6. accomodation selection for guests.

7. at least 1 assistant during wedding day (for the minimum Full Wedding Planning fee).

8. creation of a wedding concept and of design project (sketch) with edits (ceremony space and/or reception space)

9. personal presence and coordination of the entire wedding day.

Paperwork for civil weddings is not included in the standard full planning and should be calculated separately depending on the citizenship and residence of the spouses.

For important budgets a flat fee is possible.

Selected services such as:

partial wedding planning (when a venue has already been selected, for example, or the selection of the only venues),

on-day coordination,

consultation services for couples and agencies,

celebrant for a symbolic ceremony


are calculated individually. Request the exact price for a service you need.

Still have questions? Write to me, describe the wedding of your dream, and I’m sure we will create together the most beautiful memory in your life!