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What services do I offer?


You can find out more about the services provided below.

Consultancy for private individuals and agencies

If you are a couple who needs professional advice in organizing your wedding in Sicily, you would like to plan everything by yourself and you need a consultation on a specific issue, I am at your service. Initial consultation for couples I always provide for free.

If you are an agency and you need help in organizing your event in Sicily, you need reliable contractors, unusual venues or just advice from a local planner, I am at your service. The cost of the consultation is negotiated individually depending on the project.

Full wedding and event planning

Full planning of your wedding or event starting from the wedding venue and contractors selection, creating of event concept to personal control and coordination during the wedding/event Day.

Partial wedding and event planning. Coordination

There are situations when you might already choose a location for a wedding or event, or the main contractors are already selected, a wedding concept has already been developed so you may seek a planner to help you technically implement your ideas in life, or you may only need an event coordinator (this is also relevant for wedding agencies). In this case, there is no need to pay for the full cycle of wedding planning, you can use my services of partial event planning or contractor coordination during the day of the event. The cost of this service is calculated depending on the detailed project plan of your event.

Florist and decorator

I am also a certified wedding designer and I am personally involved in the decoration and floristry of small weddings for up to 20-30 people. I have my own decor and a database of local Sicilian suppliers where I can find almost any decor from inexpensive to exclusive ones for rent. The florist and decorator services can also be included in the price of the full wedding or event planning for up to 30 people, you will additionally pay only for materials and flowers, which can become a unique market offer for certain budgets.

However, not for all projects I can combine planning and decor; In this case, I will be glad to recommend you a trusted local supplier from florists to scenographic agencies. Write to me the details of your event for accurate calculation of your personal best price.

Master of ceremonies in Sicily and Italy

Master of ceremonies or wedding celebrant of symbolic ceremony in Sicily and Italy.

I personally conduct ceremonies for two in Sicily, I can hold them in Russian, English and Italian languages. I have experience in conducting ceremonies paired with an Italian host. I try to make each ceremony personalised and unique, I write individual texts for a couple and their love story, including some part in poetry if desired. To classical wedding ceremony, I propose to add popular rituals like the unity sand ritual or fire (candles) ritual or ritual of rose. We can also choose some little-known unusual rituals that emphasize the individuality of the couple. We can use no rituals at all: I can listen to and hear the needs of my clients because this sacrament should remain in their hearts for life.

Details of the ceremonies that I have conducted can be found in my PORTFOLIO.

I do not host banquets, but I can advise you on trusted multilingual hosts specializing in international weddings.


MICE. Business events planning

I do offer also services of full and partial planning of corporate events in Sicily, finding you the perfect venue, the existence of which you can not even imagine without knowledge of the local market. Creating original ideas and concepts for exclusive events, organising yachting or just a day trip by boat, fly by plane or helicopter over Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands. Organize degustations at wineries, business dinners at Michelin restaurants or in simply cosy agriturismo, master classes of Sicilian cuisine. Advise the best guides and protect from non-professionals and scam.

Your business partners will be in the safe hands of the experienced planner/coordinator with 12 years of local market and mentality knowledge and project management background from international companies.

For agencies, remote consulting or organization is possible.