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Oleg & Lyubov

Oleg & Lyubov

Our extraordinary trip to the Sunny and hospitable island of Mother Etna ended a month ago, and the emotions are still as strong as if they were yesterday 🙂
And perhaps one of the most vivid memories of this trip was our yacht trip.
I would like to express my immense gratitude to everyone who took a direct part in organizing a holiday for my wife on her Birthday!
Talented event planner Anastasia, charismatic skipper Antonio and our attentive cook INNES 🙂
My wife was absolutely delighted!!
So many pleasant and incomparable emotions in one day…the eventful program was built in such a way that we did not notice how the day passed :))
A walk on the sea without a motor under a sail, beautiful seascapes, entering quiet bays to visit the grottoes by boat, swimming, fishing and of course a fabulous dinner on an individual menu under the gentle eyes of the hospitable hostess of the island 😉
Like any Birthday party, the evening ended with a festive tea party with a truly Sicilian cake Setteveli and warm congratulations!
Gift EMOTIONS to your loved ones , they are priceless!

Extraordinary September 2017

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