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Oleg & Liubov


Oleg contacted me six months before the event with a request to come up with some ideas for an original surprise for his bride’s birthday, which also happened on their honeymoon in Sicily in September. It was necessary to organize something memorable, original and in absolute secret from the bride.



Discussing all the details about the event was like a journey into the world of gourmet, of the secrets of Mormons and the endless love 🙂 A few months planning, working out the menu, wine’s selection  (the newlywed turned out to be a real gourmet), working out all the most minimal details from the transfer (the bride should not have suspected anything until the very last moment!) to the timing of the day. We’ve also considered the option of an air excursion over Taormina and the volcano, but the impressive trip on a yacht outweighed many arguments. Moreover, the bride always wanted to learn how to navigate a yacht. A detailed itinerary was developed with stops at Taormina’s bays for swimming, a small grotto tour near Taormina, a light lunch onboard and a romantic dinner at the sunset that would end the day. For dinner, Giardini Naxos Bay was chosen for several reasons: firstly, with a clear sky, you can see a stunning sunset from there, and we-ve really counted on it, and secondly, the bay was well closed from strong winds, and this was important to avoid sea rolling and flying plates. The yacht was chosen THIS, its skipper was repeatedly tested for readiness for any adventures) a good mood was guaranteed. As a chef, his cousin was presented. Oh yes, as the Sicilians can cook, no one can cook.



What could be more romantic and touching when a loved one unexpectedly on your birthday gifts you a boat trip and dinner overlooking the sunset volcano? The dream of any girl;)
All our preparations were paid off with interest! The surprise was sustained like expensive wine, the bride’s reaction was indescribable. The weather did not disappoint, the sea was like a smooth mirror, the perky skipper has taught everyone how to navigate a yacht), the inimitable assistant chef Ines surprised as always with culinary delights, the Setteveli cake with pistachios and chocolate was magnificent, and the Etna seemed to be waiting for the right moment to give out the most colourful sunset. And the most precious thing about all this was the following review – the pure emotion. And this is the most important thing for me. The feedback of the couple can be read here.


Planning, coordination and photo – Etnamare weddings and events, I personally took all the photographs, it was my gift to the newlyweds.

The yacht – 

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