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This story is about a wonderful couple N&S, who have chosen Sicily for a symbolic wedding at the end of October 2019.

I immediately realized that this will be a special project. The bride was expecting, so long journeys and complicated logistics were immediately discarded; in the end, even the shooting in Taormina had to be excluded, although it was only 2 steps away from the wedding venue. Villa Corleone was chosen for the ceremony, where the most memorable scenes from the Godfather movie were filmed, but there was no link to the mafia theme itself: the couple really liked the villa because of its atmosphere. In addition, we needed maximum privacy during and after the ceremony, since the plans were a couple’s dance. Also, we needed protection from possible bad weather, considering the middle of autumn. Castello degli Schiavi was ideal in all respects: a private manor where only the owners live, the authenticity of the place and the picturesque arch – the “face” of the whole villa, very high and deep, which would reliably protect the couple during the ceremony in case of rain. The decor of the site was designed in a way that do not violate the authenticity of the place. A light heart-shaped gypsophila cloud 3.5 meters high was most naturally incorporated into the greenery framing of the entrance and, falling, being passed through pink-white accents of peonies and hydrangeas to the final chord of white candles and sea sand into the glass cylinders to match the colour of the villa’s terrace.

Since the ceremony was supposed to be evening, we prayed to the mt Etna to be without clouds, because it is visible from the villa, and what do you think? Etna let us have this gift, generously adding some hot touch right on the wedding day. The view was cosmic! The weather, by the way, was absolutely summer, 30 degrees in the afternoon, and it was October 21st. For the bride’s preparations, another castle was chosen, located just 10 minutes from the Villa Corleone, Castello di San Marco Charming Hotel & Spa, where also a couple’s secret interview was recorded. And finally, after the personalised ceremony with our branded Etna&Sea unity sand ritual, there was a Dance under the sunset sun setting over the erupting mountain. The video and photos accurately reflect the mood of that day, the gentle sun, exquisite scenery, Sicilian colours, and in the centre of everything – the happy family and their emotions. I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the creation of this magic day and, especially, the couple who gave me the gentle permission to publish these photos.

Ph: Tatiana Costantino;

Video: Gianmarco Vetrano;

WP, decor and celebrant: Etnamare weddings and events, Anastasia Leonova in Carastro

Venues: Castello degli Schiavi and Castello di San Marco Charming Hotel & Spa

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