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Master of ceremonies in Sicily and Italy

Master of ceremonies in Sicily and Italy

I personally conduct ceremonies for two in Sicily, I can hold them in Russian, English and Italian languages. I have experience in conducting ceremonies paired with an Italian host. I try to make each ceremony personalised and unique, I write individual texts for a couple and their love story, including some part in poetry if desired. To classical wedding ceremony, I propose to add popular rituals like the unity sand ritual or fire (candles) ritual or ritual of rose. We can also choose some little-known unusual rituals that emphasize the individuality of the couple. We can use no rituals at all: I can listen to and hear the needs of my clients because this sacrament should remain in their hearts for life.

Details of the ceremonies that I have conducted can be found in my PORTFOLIO.

I do not host banquets, but I can advise you on trusted multilingual hosts specializing in international weddings.


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