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Wedding villas

Wedding villas

There are a huge number of wedding villas on the island of Sicily. Weddings here are a multi-million dollar business since local people usually marry once and for life, there are usually a lot of relatives, so the prices for renting such properties can reach stellar heights. For destination weddings, there are more modest options, including the possibility of the free rental when booking local catering. As the pluses, of course, there is maximum professional efficiency. These properties are created mostly and specifically for events, so maximum freedom of choice of contractors will be given to you here: from banquet to decorations.

Absolute exclusivity. If you are at the hotel when you go outside the designated area of your event you are risking crossing with other guests. Differently here you usually have all the spaces of the wedding Villa, gardens, terraces, pool/s, banquet halls, and everything just for you, and, as a rule, there are no problems with night disco.

Minuses can be: separate rental price only for the property starting from 1500 to 5000 euros, evening weddings are more expensive than daytime ones. Lack of accommodation in the location (there are few exceptions).


Difficult to figure out the huge variety of wedding villas in Sicily? Write to me about how you see your wedding, the number of guests and other preferences. Afterwards, I will contact you for a free consultation.