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Beach wedding in Sicily

The beach season in Sicily lasts from May to October with rare temperature peaks at +20-30 Celsium degrees even in winter.


Sicily is the sunniest region of Italy with 300 sunny days a year, the sun shines here 2,700 hours a year, compared to 2,000 hours on average in Italy. Winter average temperatures range is from +15 to +20 degrees on the coast, summer temperatures can reach +40 degrees in the shade (July-August). For some northern European countries, I may say that Sicily is in eternal summer 🙂


At the same time, of course, it’s not a desert, it also rains here, so do not neglect Plan B while planning your destination wedding in Sicily.


Sicily is surrounded by three seas – the Ionian from the East, the Mediterranean from the South and the Tyrrhenian sea from the North. The number of beaches is striking in its diversity: from charismatic black rocks near Catania to snow-white with Caribbean colours sea in the province of Syracuse and at the north-west of the island.


Types of beach wedding venues in Sicily:

– HOTEL type, when the hotel is placed on the shore with its “private” beach and it rents out the entire beach or part of it for an event. The convenience of such locations is in easy logistics, in well-organized catering, and in possible accommodation for newlyweds with or without their guests. It can be suitable also for elopements.


– LIDO or equipped paid beaches.  Beach life is in full swing in such places from morning till afternoon, and the evening (after 5-6 p.m.) is usually reserved for events. Usually, in such properties, there is a restaurant where you can have a wedding banquet, but you will have to look for accommodation nearby and include a guests transfer in the budget if the beach is remote.

– RESTAURANTS by the sea, subject to beautiful panoramas and available spaces for a ceremony. Sicily has few restaurants by the sea authorised for civil weddings.

– WILD BEACHES. In such places, Plan B can not be provided, unless there is a suitable cave or grotto nearby where you can hide from the rain in the warm off-season. This option is more suitable for adventurers with a wedding type of elopement.


– CASTLES. Yes, exactly, Sicily has several castles by the sea with private beaches, some of them are authorised for civil weddings. Good shot, isn’t it?


– UNUSUAL VENUES by the sea, for example, an old dimora inside of protected natural reserve or a private YACHT OR SHIP. The symbolic ceremony, honeymoon or romantic photoset in the sea opposite Taormina overlooking the approvingly flaming volcano Etna will guarantee intense emotions for all your life!



There are still a lot of nuances: the natural light during a wedding (it is different on different coasts), logistics of the place,  isolation of the beach from onlookers, and even the ban on shooting with a drone in some exclusive hotels.

To understand all this great diversity you should contact a local professional for the first free consultation:


You can find below the most full photo gallery of the beach weddings in Sicily, just click on the photo to read a short description.