Why Sicily is the best destination for your ECO WEDDING?

Did you know that Sicily can be the best destination for your eco-wedding! Here are reasons why👇

🍋300 sunny days per year, Sicily is the sunniest region in Italy, which means you will have less opportunity to catch the rain during the ceremony and more opportunities to have an outdoor wedding even in low season. Take a look at our couples’ wedding photoshoots during the low season: late April and early November:

🍋Different plants blooming in nature all year round. The flowering seasons alternate one after another in Sicily, at the turn of winter and spring the flowering season begins with almonds. Tourists from all over the world come to look at this incredible beauty. One of the most famous places is the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, which has been buried in a snow-white cloud of flowers in February every year:

In the spring of April-May, orange blossom starts to bloom — the sacred flower of Sicily (see the article about it), and a delicate white and yellow plumeria follows it. Also in February, after a short break, jasmine covers all of Sicily. Its blooming continues until autumn, and the ubiquitous bougainvillaea blooms in Sicily all year round.

🍋Availability of affordable fruits for decorations. Traditional lemons can be found here for 1-1.5 euros per kg, and some local venues, immersed in citrus orchards, will provide them even cheaper or free of charge.

Example of wedding decor with lemons

🍋Waste availability of potted plants and flowers for your sustainable wedding: they will not die like cut flowers after your ceremony. The range of such plants in Sicily is huge and available all year round. Not all garden centres offer the opportunity to rent their plants, but an experienced wedding planner probably has a couple of contacts that cannot refuse this service to be provided 🙂 An example of eco-style wedding table decor using a mini olive tree:

🍋Traditions of Mediterranean bio cultivation and the waste range of genuine dishes from «km 0» products for your eco-friendly reception. A lot of Sicilian venues offer dishes from vegetables and fruits from their own beds. Vitamin and flavour explosion guaranteed! I have proven locations with their own gardens, they consider as an honour and a duty — to feed their guests only with their own grown vegetables. Your guests will remember your Sicilian wedding menu for a lifetime.

Homemade limoncello prepared in one of our wedding villas.

Nowhere like in Sicily you will let no flower to die.

The remaining fruit can be gifted to guests or used during the honeymoon.

And I will help you to find delicious solutions for all your vegan and vegetarian guests if you’ll have so. Sicily is considered the queen of fried vegetables, how they are been prepared here (for example, caponata), you will not find in any other country of the world.

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