Why do you need a wedding planner?

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Let’s talk, dear brides, why are you looking for (and are you really looking for?) a wedding planner at all? For saving your time and to consider the all-inclusive packages, which is not typical for Italy, but so common overseas? To ask for prices and if they are convenient? Get the contacts you need if you organize everything yourself? Or are you looking for «your» person who knows everything about everyone and will be the right hand, girlfriend, coordinator, inspirer and your problem solving? …

In the meantime, I will write what I see as the usefulness of a wedding organizer in Italy. By default, I write about a LOCAL planner who knows the area where he/she works as his own ✋, who already has his own connections and reputation:

⚜this person knows contractors not only for their beautiful portfolios but also for many other aspects, in their work, in meeting deadlines and agreements, so they can give precise advice on who is right for you and your celebration.

⚜this is a person who knows the specifics of the area, laws, regulations, infrastructure, mentality, who is able to influence the locals and get what you need (managerial experience in the background probably?).

⚜this is a person with whom you are comfortable, who knows how to listen to☝.

⚜this is a person who will protect you from wrong decisions, unreliable venues and suppliers.

⚜this is a person who will help you to save money and to balance your budget correctly.

⚜if you have an English — Italian wedding, this person will be simply irreplaceable for your English-speaking guests who do not speak Italian.

⚜and there are also planners-celebrants of ceremonies and planners-decorators. For mini-weddings, this is a godsend. You don’t need to hire 3 separate persons.

⚜this is a person who will help you to collect all the documents for a legal wedding in Sicily WITHOUT your presence.

⚜this is a person whose presence during the organization of the celebration will guarantee that everything will go as planned, and everyone (including your guests) will be satisfied.

⚜ and finally, this is a person without whom it is impossible to have a wedding in Italy and Sicily in the new realities of 2021. When you need to control a lot of new protocols from the guest list to compliance with anti-covid seating norms and compliance with all anti-covid protocols by contractors and guests.

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Sincerely yours, with love and peace,

Anastasia Leonova in Carastro