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Yulia & Olexander

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” –

that was a life lesson of this, my first wedding in Sicily during the pandemic.

This beautiful and brave couple from Germany has decided to plan their elopement in September 2020 even though this particular period of time.

Preparation took approx 1 month, we carefully assisted in choosing of florists, in the elaboration of sketch design of the place for ceremony and preparation of all the details and text for Unity Candle Ceremony.


The couple has booked an outstanding penthouse in the centre of Palermo with a panoramic terrace overlooking the gorgeous Palermo Cathedral. It is really unique place with speechless views where you can move without a car for a wedding photoshoot after the ceremony and have maximum privacy.


The Cathedral of Palermo is an active Catholic church, has completely mixed different styles: here you can see both Gothic and classicism and even Arab influence.

The wedding arch was performed in Sicilian style with some autumn notes using Sicilian lemons, rosemary, roses and golden-peach dahlias.

At the end of September, the world again began to close borders and to introduce new restrictions on weddings.

However, this wedding for two survived: all the plans came true, the ceremony took place, the lovers celebrated the creation of a family in a unique atmosphere.

Perhaps the patroness of Palermo – Saint Rosalia – could help here.

According to the legend, this Catholic Saint and hermit appeared in a dream to a woman in the midst of the plague of 1624. And she asked to transfer her relics to the cathedral of Palermo. They did not disobey the saint and fulfilled her wish. By some miracle, after this act, the disease left the city.

This wedding in Palermo also took place as a little magic, despite the pandemic around the world.



Wedding Planner, Anastasia Leonova in Carastro
Photography: Gianluca Sammartano

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