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Julia & Arthur


The guys from Latvia has been organizing their wedding tour in Europe, with a symbolic wedding in Sicily. They were looking for a local coordinator and master of ceremonies to help them with wedding venue selection where the guests can stay and the ceremony can be held too, to organize a small banquet and host the ceremony in two languages (Italian and Russian).



Initially, the couple wanted to organize a wedding at the hotel castle in San Marco, but I found a wonderful private villa nearby with no extra eyes, means, fully exclusive, and with more favourable conditions. The villa was very beautiful, with a huge arch-arbour, which had never been used for weddings before. On the spot, we took all the exact sizes and sent them to the guys, and they brought a tailored made decor according to these sizes.
I also needed to rent a drone (in Italy, you need a license to use a drone), I found a proven team that could synchronously (through my translation) fulfil all the wishes of a videographer for wedding shooting from the air.
The couple asked if my Italian husband could also host the wedding ceremony in the Italian language for maximum immersion in Italian reality 🙂 I wrote the text of the ceremony in two languages ​​with personalization for a couple, “to stay in my heart forever.” I selected and ordered vessels for the sand ceremony. Our artists prepared a personalized certificate for the couple, painted by watercolour technique, the sand for the unity sand ritual was chosen with different energies: the volcanic one – masculine – from Etna and another one from Riga’s seaside – carrier of female energy. For the decor of the banquet table, a Sicilian rustic decor was chosen with freshly cut branches of lemons, antique candelabra and a Sicilian style painted table was used without a tablecloth. The menu was developed as mixed fish and meat with Sicilian specialities, private catering was invited, which was cooking directly inside of the villa. All technical details for the work of the film crew were agreed upon with the staff of the villa (the team had professional equipment for shooting films)



It is especially pleasant to participate in the organization of the wedding of business colleagues 🙂 Julia and Arthur turned out to be not only a very sincere, sparkling couple but also talented decorators. The stylists and photographers, whom they brought with them, adequately captured the most intimate moments of the personalized ceremony in two languages with a unity sand ritual. The guys crossed all of Europe from Prague to Rome, “going down” through Bari to Sicily, where a luxurious villa between the sea and the volcano was waiting for them. In Sicily, they filmed in Taormina, in the gorge of the Alcantara River, which is known for its charismatic basaltic rocks, in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and on the snow-white Turkish staircase called Scala dei Turchi, in the very South of the island. My eldest daughter Sofia carried the wedding gown plume of the bride. The arch, decorated with thin translucent voile with white-pink peonies and hydrangeas, was magnificent. The text of the ceremony was solemn and soulful at the same time, causing a stingy tear from the groom. The weather in early June encouraged the continuation of the banquet in the open air. The celebration ended with the cutting of a small wedding cake of the freshest cream and wild strawberries, light and delicious Sicilian speciality, which I always recommend to small groups and girls on eternal diets 🙂


Photo, video, muah, decor and planning – Eximia events.

Coordination and Master of ceremonies – Anastasia Leonova in Carastro with her Italian husband.

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