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Anna & Ivan


to organize an elopement in September 2018 on the slope of Mount Etna (a mandatory wish of the bride) in the night wedding style and with the shooting in an ancient Norman castle made from lava rock, situated on the seashore.


Preparation began in the spring of 2018 and primarily started with the selection of a suitable location for a night ceremony. After viewing the selected places, the choice fell on the private Etnamare Secret Garden, which was surrounded by lush greenery and had an improvised arch between palm trees. But there was one drawback: there was no protection in a case of rain, that is, no solution for Plan B. Therefore, at the same time working on this wedding location I selected another one nearby which was an old villa with a cinematic past, with a green canopy that could be protection against drops of little rain.

The text of the ceremony was written together with the bride, some parts of it you may hear in the wedding video.

In the decor, I used glass pendant candles and elements of the Sicilian rustic style – branches of lemons with fruits, green hydrangeas, coasters made of natural wood, cylinders with sea sand and candles. The bride brought a vessel frame for the unity sand ceremony.


Anna and Ivan, September 2018, a symbolic ceremony with a personalized unity sand ritual between the sea and the volcano. Beautiful sunny weather in the middle of the rainy week (lucky!) Wedding photo session in locations, the scenes of ancient myths, in a magical Norman castle built of volcanic lava by the turquoise Ionian Sea. Against the background of this authentic beauty, a no less beautiful couple, graceful Anna and courageous Ivan, knowingly chose these places of power for their wedding. The energy that this coast gives, many of our newlyweds take away with them and save for a long time, like a talisman in the form of photographs, videos and vessels with volcanic sand.

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