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Unusual/historical venues

Unusual wedding venues

Sicily is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and it has a unique historical and cultural heritage. Whoever has not conquered it – from the northern Vikings to the southern Phoenicians. Each nation has left its own cultural mark, which is reflected in unique architectural artefacts. All of them are under state protection, and many are included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. In recent years, the management of some cultural sites have begun to provide unique services for holding private events on-site, for example:


– at the Ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina:


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– at Tonnara di Scopello inside of the Lo Zingaro reserve:



– at Latomie del Casale inside of Syracuse Neapolise (with the view of the Ear of Dionysus):



– at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento overlooking the Temple of Concordia:



– at the completely unearthly theatre of Andromeda in the mountains of central Sicily:


These wedding locations are not for everyone. They are chosen by couples who seek a unique experience and full immersion in the history of Sicily and Italy, who would like to surprise their guests and to have a truly exclusive experience.