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Private villas

Private villas for weddings

This is usually an ideal option if the number of guests does not exceed 5-20. You will get of course 100% exclusivity and, often, good loyalty of the owners on many issues. The pluses could be usually a favourable price compared to other options and accommodation of guests on the territory. The minuses could be a small selection of catering services (it is profitable for them to work here at least from 30-40 people); a little experience in organizing events (positive reviews of the LEASE are not in count), lack of space for ceremony or reception, absence of the covered areas in the case of Plan B.

From a possible and quite important minus for many may be the environment of such a Villa: neighbours usually do not care what you have there for the event, and by law, they can also turn on loud music at certain hours. Therefore, when choosing such a location for your wedding, it makes sense to check the distance to the neighbours of the Villa, to avoid unpleasant surprises on the spot.

I have several trusted and inspected private properties in Sicily where you will feel comfortable during your important Day and without any unexpected “surprises”. Most of them have direct access to the beach, beautiful views of the sea or mountains. Some of them are available to even for elopements or wedding for only two! Snow-white terraces reflecting the sapphire sea, infinite pools, direct access to the Caribbean-coloured sea in Taormina, Giardini-Naxos or Syracuse.


Recently some private properties in Sicily have been receiving authorisation for civil weddings, which means you do not need to go to a town hall for a ceremony and then be back for reception, you may celebrate all in one place. It is still a rare option and you may find one of such villas in the gallery below. Click on the photo to read a short description.


Have you already rent such a villa or (it is better) you are going to rent it for your event? Contact me for the opinion of a local expert. I can save you from fatal mistakes!


Are you an owner of the private villa which can hold symbolic or civil wedding ceremonies with accommodation starting from 2 pax and you would like that the photos of your villa will appear in this gallery? Send me the full description of your property on for further evaluation.