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Wedding hotels

Hotels with spectacular views of the sea (for example, in Taormina ), or of the sea and the volcano (like the “Etnamare” view), which, you will agree, is even more beautiful and unusual. You will receive the best service here, of course, the convenience of simultaneous guests accommodation, ceremony and wedding banquet in one place.


Often you may receive a free allocation of the site in the semi-exclusive use when booking for example 5-10-20 rooms for guests(depending on the size of the hotel).

As for minuses, as a rule, you cannot choose catering for the banquet (it is understandable), while alcohol and drinks are paid at the prices of the hotel menu, which can greatly affect the budget for fans of abundant feasts:); often quite strict restrictions on the duration of the wedding reception and dinner (unless, of course, you do not intend to rent the entire hotel just for yourself).


You may need a wedding day coordinator when planning a marriage in a wedding hotel. The best time for consultation is at least 6-2 months before the date.